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Terms and Conditions

Last update: 1 September 2019

General rules

  1. game Santa Monica FC Online (later called SMFCO) accessible under address is operated by and is intelectual property of Frey United Software, Chlebnia 48, 05-825 Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Poland (further called Provider)
  2. SMFCO is a game / service provided fully via Internet without installing any software on the user device,
  3. service is available only to registered users that have accepted the Terms and Conditions of SMFCO,
  4. Terms and Conditions may change, they come into force from the date of their publication on SMFCO website,
  5. terms and conditions not listed in SMFCO Terms and Conditions will be covered by rules and laws of Poland,

Premium account

  1. although access and registration to SMFCO is free, Premium account is required to prolong the game further than first season,
  2. SMFCO Premium account subscription may offer additional options not available to free users, the list of those options may change with time,
  3. option to activate Premium account is available moments after user makes PayPal payment for chosen Premium account subscription,
  4. there are three types of Premium account:
    • Casual - gives access to all casual game modes, only one SMFCO game can be played via that account,
    • Pro - gives access to all casual and pro game modes, only one SMFCO game can be played via that account,
    • Multi - gives access to all casual and pro game modes, up to 5 SMFCO games can be played simultaneously via that account,
  5. SMFCO Premium account will automatically expire after the set subscription expiration date will pass and the access to game data will be blocked,
  6. after SMFCO Premium account has expired all the game data will be stored for up to 12 months, during that period user can prolong his subscription and regain access to his game,
  7. after 12 months since last Premium user activity on SMFCO website the game data linked to his account will be permanently removed,
  8. in case of free users (that have finished their first season and did not bought Premium account) all the game data will be permanently removed 30 days since their last activity,
  9. in case of SMFCO service being unavailable due to fault on the Provider side (f.e. maintenance operations, server downtime) the active SMFCO Premium subscriptions will be extended to compensate Premium users,
  10. in accordance with European Union laws user has right to resign from SMFCO Premium account within 14 days of making the payment without giving any reason and his payment will be fully reimbursed only if he did not started to use his SMFCO Premium account, after 14 days the transaction is final,
  11. SMFCO Premium account user can be removed from the game without reimbursment for actions that will violate integrity of the SMFCO software, will interfere with the SMFCO server integrity or workflow, will violate Provider's rights (including copyrights) or his conduct within game will be offensive towards Provider or other users,


  1. any complaints concerning SMFCO or SMFCO Premium accounts can be send to address,
  2. complaints are dealt with within 14 days from the moment Provider will receive it,
  3. answer to complaint will be delivered to user via e-mail,
  4. only legitimate complains, in which Provider can be responsible for problems that might have arisen, can be ground for in-game compensation or reimbursment,

GDPR and cookie files

  1. since we do not store user e-mail address in practice we do not collect any data that are covered by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR),
  2. our website uses session cookie files only, that are required to provide access to SMFCO service,
  3. we do not collect nor store any further informations within cookie files, although we do collect anonymous data for statistical or administrative purposes,
  4. if our policy in that area (GDPR or cookies) will change it will be reflected in updated SMFCO Terms and Conditions,

Technical issues

  1. SMFCO software is running via Internet browser installed on user device, thus no part of SMFCO software needs to be installed on user device,
  2. user is responsible for keeping his device safe, account data safe, as well as the access to his browser if sign-in details are stored on the device, any actions made by any person signed in to SMFCO account we must treat as the actions of user himself,
  3. due to very passive characteristics of SMFCO software the Provider cannot be held responsible for any damages or problems caused on user device while using SMFCO services, SMFCO software does not interfere with user device more than any website do,
  4. while SMFCO is optimized for PC Firefox browser, the software is also tested on other major browsers, any incompability between Firefox and other browsers used by SMFCO user (f.e. missing icons or any interface issues) cannot be used as a ground for complaint - we offer free access during first season of the game so users could see if the game runs properly on their devices and they are happy with the services provided,
  5. due to complicated nature of SMFCO interface there could be small differences between options available on computer / tablet and mobile devices, also mobile interface could be updated in different frequency than computer / tablet interface,
  6. if any technical issues will arise with new version of browsers available Provider reserves up to 30 days to adapt SMFCO software to new requirements,
  7. since SMFCO software is being improved all the time new versions of the software may cause temporary problems for users,
  8. in marginal cases new versions of SMFCO software also may change the data structure, so users that started their game previous to introduction of new software could not make full use of the new features,
  9. in marginal cases SMFCO software may cause partial damage to user game data,
  10. Provider is not responsible for data damage or loss caused by malfunction of user's browser, web access problems on user side, nor actions of other parties that may interfere with software or server integrity.

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