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Soccer Manager 2019

Soccer Manager is one of the new lines of football management games offering simple gameplay for the fans of the sport. While it is on a verge of being a casual game it still offers a lot of interesting options.

In SMFC Online we were aiming to repeat the formula that worked so well for Championship Manager and Football Manager - not to overload user with a lot of data, but at the same time provide him with enough depth so he can feel comfortable in managing his club and understand his players.

Soccer Manager 2019 - online soccer manager

While the game is minimalistic it contains most of the typical options of big online soccer games: running your own club, transfer list, league and cup matches, training, economy, stadium. You can start your team in any of over 150 countries around the world currently available and face the randomly generated opponents or edit them via setup options.

Soccer Manager 2019 - online soccer manager

In each game you take part in the 3 division league system and you choose in which division you want to start, how much money you will start with. We are working right now on several game modes that will present different approaches to the football management genre.

Soccer Manager 2019 - online soccer manager

Enjoy this little game while we are working on reboot of our main soccer manager online called Football-o-Rama.

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