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Activity points

Each week you can improve your player skills through the training. There are 10 training sessions available each week (Monday to Friday, morning and afternoon) which, for various reasons, are called activity points (marked by the icon). You can check how many activity points you still have available on the bar below menu.

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Training sessions

There are 6 types of training sessions:

  • regeneration - through the massages and recuperation the players will regain some fitness points
  • skill training - the players will train their main skills, gathered points will increase the skill level if the minimum level of progress will be met
  • technical - players will train tackling, ball control, passing, heading, shooting and set pieces
  • tactical - player will train tactics, set pieces and tackling
  • physical - players will train tackling, pace, passing, heading and shooting
  • quick match - your team will play quick match against local amateurs, the players will lose some fitness points, but can gain experience and some main skill points or technical subpoints, but most of all (just like in competition or friendly games) they will gain team fit points

Each type of training session requires some activity points to take place, each of them (except for regeneration) will cost your players some fitness points, but also each of them may cause injuries (even regeneration has marginal chance to cause an injury).

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Staff influence

Good head coach will help you develop your players quicker, but also keep in mind that number of players in first team does matter - the training is more effective when coach can concentrate on smaller group of players. In some cases it is better to send non-essential players to reserve team, where they will not improve as fast, but will gain team fit and experience that they could not in the first team matches.

Good club physio will decrease the chance of your players to get injured during the training, but also can help them lose less fitness points during the training.

Training camp

During the break between seasons or in the winter break (after league round 12) when you have extra activity points (20 to be exact) you can send the whole team to a training camp, where they can train in more or less luxurious conditions. The difference between normal training sessions and training camp is that while taking part in camp the players will get to know each other faster and will mix heavy work with bit of relaxation.

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