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Club staff

You can, and in most cases definitely should, hire club staff. Their wages are depending on their reputation and length of the contract offered to them - longer contract equals higher wages. In case you decide to terminate their contract, just like your players, they will be compensated for the loss of the wages from remainder of their contract.

Reputation of your future employee is not directly linked to his skills - if you choose to hire coach that is young and inexperienced it does not mean that his skills are lower than the one that used to be national player, it is only more likely. Also in Pro game modes you can send your employees to a course that would help them improve their skills.

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Skills level

Due to our basic rule of uncertainty staff skills are not defined by any visible parameters, but there are things that may suggest their skill levels. For example better scout could provide you with more or better informations about your opponents. In same way you are not given any info if your staff member that went to a course actually improved his skills.

Why does it work that way in SMFC Online? Actually it is partly based on business theory of incompetence - for example if you go to the doctor and he treats your illness you assume that he is competent. You can only discover that he isn't by going to different doctor and finding out that actually there is a better or safer way to treat your illness. But in that theory the first doctor will still be sure he is fully competent, because no one yet proved him wrong. Same rules apply to your staff - they provide you with the best support they can give, but you can't be sure how competent they actually are until you find your new staff member to be better than the old one was.

SMFC online soccer manager

Right now there are 6 club staff positions to be filled:

  • assistant manager - your assistant helps you in running the club by providing additional data about your players, opponents or prognosis of the financial side of the club,
  • head coach - while you decide yourself about the training sessions between rounds head coach improves the effectiveness of those sessions; also during the matches he will take care of the substitutions in your team,
  • reserves coach - takes care of skill improvement of players that you have sent to reserve team, he is completely independent in his decisions about what training they work on; reserves coach is needed only if you have players in reserves team,
  • club physio - physio helps your players to regain fitness quicker, may decrease possibility of injuries during the training, may decrease the time of injuries of your players, but also provides your with more accurate data about their fitness
  • scout - scout has few important roles to play in your club: he allows you to scout amateur players, find free players or players available for loan, he can be sent to scout foreign players abroad, he can bring more information about your opponents, also he can be source of information about players available on transfer market,
  • youth teams coordinator - apart from running the youth team the coordinator is also in contact with network of scouts that search for new talents, so if needed he will be able to provide you with the best youth player he can find.

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