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Your stadium is the most important part of the club incomes, but at the same time it could be the most expensive asset of your club. At the same time you have to treat it as investment (larger stadium capacity will generate more incomes), but also keep in mind that stadium needs to be kept in good condition, not to mention that (in Pro game modes) you will need to pay the property taxes.

Apart from seats capacity there are other elements of the stadium that you can improve:

  • seats comfort - better comfort of the seats means more people could consider spending their time on your stadium
  • pitch - with each match the pitch condition will deteriorate and once in a while you will have to replace it; poor condition of the pitch will affect your own players, especially those with technical style
  • floodlights - floodlights will make possible to play matches after dark, when more fans will have free time to enjoy match
  • parking - parking capacity will increase your incomes by providing fans with comfort of driving to the game in their own cars
  • club shops - shops will provide fans with memorabilia as well as drinks and food during the matches, shops can generate slight income even if ther isn't a match at your stadium
  • safety - safety of the stadium will make it more attractive to families, which will increase the attendance
  • disabled accessibility - this parameter will have marginal influence on attendance, but on international level it is required for you to have such accessibility

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While investing in stadium keep in mind that the elements of the infrastructure are linked to each other, f.e. if you will improve seats comfort this will increase cost of further increase of stadium capacity (new seats will have the same comfort level, thus will be more expensive), and vice versa: increase of seats comfort is proportional to number of seats that you have. Similar story with stadium safety - it is more expensive to adapt large stadium to safety rules than small stadium.

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