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Here is a little guide to help you find what can you find on specific pages. Keep in mind that some of the options (marked with *) are available in specific game modes, with specific staff member hired or other circumstances (marked with **).


  • change team logo
  • change team colours
  • hire / fire staff
  • send staff to a course *
  • select team captain
  • promote youth player to first team
  • adjust youth team options *
  • team trophy box
  • team records box
  • improve stadium


  • view player list
  • view player details (by clicking on his line on the list)
  • send player to reserve team
  • assign player shirt number
  • extend player contract **
  • terminate player contract
  • block accepting transfer offers on the player
  • actively search for buyer for the player **
  • put player to medical tests **
  • put up player for loan
  • send player for surgery **
  • send player on fitness restoration course
  • send player to a doctor **


  • select starting lineup
  • select team tactics
  • select set pieces taker


  • view player list with training data
  • organize training sessions
  • send team on training camp **
  • view player training progress (by clicking on his line on the list) *

Reserves *

  • view player list of reserve team
  • view player details (by clicking on his line on the list)
  • move player to first team


  • view current / last week balance
  • view recent club operations
  • view end of season financial prognosis *
  • view transfer history *
  • sign sponsorhip deal
  • sign stadium ads deals *
  • view weekly balances bar chart


  • review transfer offers **
  • view recent events in your club
  • view latest news from your country


  • view list of available players
  • view player limited details
  • view player recent season stats *
  • invite player for tryout **
  • send scout for more information about player **
  • give player medical test *
  • hire amateur player
  • send scout abroad to search for players
  • use scouting agency to fill your team **


  • view your fixtures for current season
  • view match report (by clicking on match result on the list)
  • view opponent report (by clicking on opponent name on the list)
  • view the table position chart for current season
  • set the ticket price
  • view home games attendance
  • set away games travel arrangements


  • view league tables (divisions 1 to 3)
  • view match report (by clicking on match result)
  • view opponent report (by clicking on club name)
  • view amateur / foreign teams reports (by clicking on club name)
  • view past winners of divisions 1 to 3, domestic cup and international cup **
  • view past seasons of your club **
  • view your global ranking **

Next Round

  • view fixtures for next round
  • view weather forecast for next round
  • initiate next round (league, cup, international cup or friendly round)
  • arrange friendly game **
  • view results for last round


  • restart your game (returns you to selection of game mode and difficulty settings, also resets season and round count)
  • set game preferences (from game interface details to background image)
  • edit club names, manager names, their team colours
  • edit players names and nationality
  • organize magic box friendly game *
  • create additional games *


  • view game forum
  • publish posts on the forum

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