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Rules listed below apply to all of the basic game modes - no matter which country you will choose the basic rules are the same.


League is set of 3 divisions, 12 teams in each division. Teams play each other twice a season, home and away with 3 points for the win and 1 point for the draw. The exception is Retro Casual game mode, in which, like in 1982, there are 2 points for a win and 1 point for the draw.

At the end of the season top two teams from Division 2 and Division 3 are promoted, while two bottom teams from each division are relegated. Teams relegated from Division 3 are swapped with the amateur teams. Only user's club is excluded from that rule - your club will never be lower than Division 3 even if you end dead last in the league.

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Domestic cup

In domestic cup advance to next round is decided in single match - if after 90 minutes the result is a draw there is extra time of 30 minutes added. If that will not decide the winner penalty shoot-out will take place. Professional and amateur teams take part in the domestic cup.

Domestic cup games are played mid-week, so they do not reset the activity points counter.

SMFC online football manager

International cup

International cup is played in classical way - two matches, one home and one away, decide which team will advance to next round. If sum of the goals scored by the teams in both games is equal the away goals are counted as double.

To qualify for international cup you have to end the season at the first or second place in Division 1 or win the domestic cup.

International cup games are played mid-week, so they do not reset the activity points counter.

Friendly games

Since season 2 in the pre-season weeks you have chance to play friendly games. Their results will not affect player statistics in any way, but will (like any other game) increase their team fit levels, but will decrease their fitness level.

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