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Free Online Football Manager

Currently available game modes:

footman - classic casual online game

Classic Casual

Classic Casual is more or less copy of the original Santa Monica FC switched to the browser-game format: the player data are very limited (skill, morale, fitness), the training is carried out automatically by the team coach, you can hire up to 4 staff (coach, scout, assistant manager and physio), informations about the opponents are limited.

It is the casual option for players, who don't really want to spend much time on the game.

footman - footie casual online game

Modern Casual

Modern Casual is extended version of Classic Casual with few additional options, like reserve team, abroad scouting, opponents details contain some more info, players data are expanded by the technical subskills (f.e. pace, passing, shooting, tackling).

It is still casual game, but with some depth added.

footman - retro online game pixelart

Retro Casual

Retro Casual is variation of Classic Casual - same data are available, same set of options, same limitations - the main difference is that the interface is adapted to give user the feeling of the retro games from 8-bit era. But there is one more twist - the reality is set to 1982.

It is casual game with bit of nostalgia added.

footman - football manager browser game


SMFC Pro contains more options and more data than any casual mode - users have access to more player history details, more opponents details are available, quite few additional management options are available (f.e. medical tests, youth team, more economy choices, more scouting options).

It is compact game, but has a lot of depth that makes it more complicated than the casual options.

Upcoming game modes

We are currently working on following game modes:

footman - football manager online game


PSV Pro is a tribute to our other Amiga game, PSV Eindhoven Manager. Basically it is SMFC Pro mode with some not so serious elements added in some cases, but very serious in others.

It is a Pro version extended with additional events and options that give game a bit of edge.

footman - role playing manager online game

RPG Casual

RPG Casual is another variation to Classic Casual and Modern Casual with the training options replaced by the solutions known from role-playing game, where with each match you collect experience and skill points that you can distribute among your players yourself.

Santa Monica FC Online Football manager game modes

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